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small kitchen

Aren’t we often sitting together, eating a good meal and discussing topics that concern us at the present moment? Where does anytime the most interesting conversation take place? — In the kitchen!

small kitchen is a non-profit association with the aim of organizing monthly informal dinners. small kitchen is a discussion project on issues related to art and culture. small kitchen is considered a discussion and networking platform, which should open new visibility and perceptions of discussions related to art and culture. Main focus is the exploration of a particular topic that can be discussed at a dinner with specially invited guests.

There are important rules to be observed: the dinner must take place in a private home. Selected guests will be invited on a specific topic. small kitchen topics should be related to concrete art and cultural issues. Usually one of the three founding members invites once a month. It is also possible to delegate the organisation of a small kitchen to an external person, if someone wants to hold a dinner at his/her place. In this case, at least one of the small kitchen founders must be present.

To archive the event on the website, the “inviter” is expected to write a short summary with the main results of the discussion and to take a picture of the participants during or after the dinner. The text and image will be published with names, date, location and theme on the small kitchen website.

small kitchen founded by Patricia Bianchi, Emilie Guenat and Sébastien Peter.


Art Space Biel/Bienne
Guests invited by Emile Guenat, Biel
Nicolas Leuba (Grafiker), Vera Trachsel (Künstlerin), Nicolas Raufaste (Künstler), Barbara Meyer Cesta (Künstlerin), Florence Jung (Künstlerin), Rudolf Steiner (Künstler)

Artist as Curator or Why Curators do not making art
Guests invited by Patricia Bianchi, Zürich
Pablo Müller (Kunstkritiker), Bettina Diel (Künstlerin), Jan Hostettler (Künstler), Bettina Carl (Künstlerin), Margit Säde (Kuratorin), Miryam Bayersdörfer (Kuratorin)

Collaborations between off spaces in Switzerland
Guests invited by Sébastien Peter, Biel
Thomas König (RatsCollective, Vevey), Kate Whitebread (Raum Links, Bern), Marta Margretti (Sonnenstube, Lugano), Chri Frautschi (lokal-int., Biel), Léony Vanay (UrgentParadise, Lausanne)

Multidisciplinary projects: new structures and strategies
Guests invited by Sébastien Peter, LeFAC, Saint Ursanne
Pascale Utz (Tänzerin, Choreografin), Leo Rebetez (Visual Artist, Grafikdesigner), Nina Haab (Visual Artist), Stefano de Ponti (Musiker), Vera Trachsel (Visual Artist), Laure Jolissaint (Visual Artist), Marta Margnetti (Visual Artist), Guillaumarc Froidevauxand (Schauspieler), Zuzana Kakalikova (Schauspielerin, Choreografin, Tänzerin), Emille Eger (Schauspieler, Tänzer), Arnaud Chappuis (Visual Artist, Founder of FAC), Noémie Merçai (Founder FAC), Eve Chariatte (Tänzerin, Founder FAC)

Rethinking Residencies
Guests invited by Patricia Bianchi, Zürich
Gioia Dal Molin (Le Foyer), Tanja Trampe (Kuratorin), Christoph Brünggel (Künstler), Sally de Kunst (Arc Residency), Olivia Wiederkehr (Künstlerin), Urs August Steiner (Künstler), 
Daniel Morgenthaler (Kurator)